Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Van Ommen and Harold Gaffney

When senior citizen Harodl Gaffney complained to the Law Society of British Columbia that Vancouver lawyer R. Keith Oliver had committed the criminal offence of violating a Court Order, the Law Society of British Columbia appointed Herman Van Ommen  to investigate the complaint and Herman Van Ommen exonerated R. Keith Oliver on the basis that R. Keith Oliver did not personally benefit from the funds he, wrongfully, in violation of the Court Order, took from his trust account where the funds were held, in part, for the benefit of Harold Gaffney.

Well, a crime is a crime and, in our opinion, it was either naive or corrupt for Herman Van Ommen to exonerate R. Keith Oliver did because there was no evidence that R. Keith Oliver took a direct benefit from the funds.    
This case is discussed more fully at the Justice4You Web Site

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