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Herman Van Ommen and the Destruction of Dr. John David Kuntz

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The story of the destruction of Dr. John David Kuntz, a brilliant Canadian orthopaedic surgeon who pioneered the development of spinal disk replacement surgery, is one of the greatest scandals in Canadian history.  The story of the destruction of Dr. John David Kuntz and the looting of millions of Canadian taxpayers dollars is better told elsewhere and we refer the interested reader which contains a brief outline of the story and the motives of the various players involved in this Crime Against Humanity through the destruction of a great Canadian healer.

Herman Van Ommen 
On this blog, we are only interested in exposing the role of Herman Van Ommen the "hit man" hired by the Law Society of British Columbia to destroy Dr. Kuntz's lawyer, so that Dr. Kuntz would never be able to present his case in court with professional representation and so the lame and the crippled would remain uncured and unhealed.

This is how the legal and judicial mafia in British Columbia operates and no one in that province is safe until they are exposed, brought to justice, destroyed, and put in jail where they belong.

The Vancouver legal and judicial mafia sent a Vancouver judge to the US, where he had no jurisdiction, to find witnesses to discredit Dr. Kuntz's lawyer, Ted Ewachniuk of Vancouver.  Ewachniuk had been a thorn in the side of the legal and judicial mafia in Vancouver due to his flamboyant litigation style and great success record winning large awards for injured persons.  To the legal and judicial mafia, intent on destroying and burying Dr. Kuntz, Ted Ewachnuik was a huge threat because he was competent and he knew how to go for the jugular.
The Law Society of British Columbia was involved in this investigation and they sent along a supposedly independent Law Society investigator, Herman Van Omen, to the US for that hearing of the witnesses who would be used to destroy Ted Ewachniuk.Barbara Norel
Barbara Norel 
It was during a taxi trip, in the USA, when Ewachniuk and Van Omen shared a cab travelling from one hearing site that had been changed to another location, that Ewachniuk began to discuss the Kuntz case with Van Ommen.  Herman van Ommen objected stating he could not discuss the case because Ewachniuk's client, Dr. Kuntz, was suing Van Ommen's wife, Barbara Norel, who worked for Harper Grey Easton, the law firm that usually represented the Canadian Medical Protective Association, that was also a defendant in the lawsuit Mr. Ewachniuk had filed on behalf of Dr. Kuntz.  Hence, Herman Van Ommen was not an impartial Law Society Investigator sent to the USA to investigate Mr. Ewachniuk in those extra-judicial, extra-territorial hearings in the USA where the judge had no jurisdiction to persecute and punish a perjurer.

This was a violation of Ewachniuk's S.11(d) Charter rights to a fair hearing by the Law Society which was present, by sending Herman Van Omen to the USA to gather the false evidence of a "remorseful liar" heard by a Canadian Judge,  Justice Mackenzie.

MacKenzie was a former law partner at Vancouver law firm of Guild Yule that has previously represented the Canadian Medical Protective Association and he was now involving himself in a case where he had a conflict of interest due to the fact that his former partners at Guild Yule were now acting as counsel for Harper Grey Easton.

In light of these facts, the logical conclusion and considered legal opinion is that the trip to the USA by MacKenzie and Herman Van Ommen was organized for the express purpose of discrediting Ted Ewakniuk, the last in a series of lawyers that included Robert Gardner Q.C., Jack Cram, and A. Ted Ewachniuk, all of whom were destroyed by the Law Society of British Columbia.

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